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Enhancing Philz Coffee’s Security and Operations with Sherlock Surveillance

"I have used Sherlock Surveillance to set up cameras and collect information for all my Philz Coffee locations. Ilan has the best price and is very easy to work with. He is easy to schedule, arrives promptly, and does very high quality work, in addition to being a really nice guy. He is very respectful to our team, as he is often scheduled during business hours. I continue to be impressed by the quality of his work, which is why I am writing this review.

His professionalism and his service standards are excellent. He is very helpful and patient with me and my team. Because he was so great to work with, he has a customer for life with me. I highly recommend Sherlock Surveillance."

Phil J
Founder of Philz Coffee

  • In-store theft

  • Waste Management

  • Break-ins

  • Auto Inventory Management

  • Customer Traffic Analysis

  • Slippage Prevention

  • Workers Comp Evidence Capture

  • Customer Complaint Resolution


  • POS text overlay

  • Heat Mapping Customer Traffic

  • AI cloud based storage

  • Aesthetic installations

  • Building code compliance


Enhancing Philz Coffee’s Security and Operations with Sherlock Surveillance

Business Challenges

Philz Coffee faced several critical challenges that impacted their operations and security:

  1. Theft Prevention: Frequent theft incidents in their coffee shop retail locations.

  2. Employee Management: Need for efficient employee monitoring and management.

  3. POS Integration: Integration of a Point of Sale (POS) overlay system that recognizes banknote denominations.

  4. Break-Ins: High incidence of break-ins, requiring reliable identification-capable cameras for evidence.

  5. Workers’ Compensation Claims: Streamlining processes related to workers’ compensation.

  6. Inventory Control: Ensuring accurate inventory management.
    In-Store Flow Optimization: Improving customer flow and manpower allocation.


Sherlock Surveillance, a leading provider of advanced video surveillance solutions, collaborated with Philz Coffee to address their specific needs. Here’s how we designed and implemented a comprehensive solution:

  1. High-Definition Cameras
    We deployed a network of high-definition surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout each Philz Coffee location. These cameras provided clear video footage, enabling real-time monitoring and incident investigation.

  2. Intelligent POS Overlay
    Our system integrated seamlessly with Philz Coffee’s existing POS terminals. The overlay software recognized banknote denominations during transactions, enhancing accuracy and reducing errors.

  3. Theft Prevention
    To combat theft, we implemented the following features:

    Motion Detection: Cameras triggered alerts when unusual movement occurred during non-business hours.

    Facial Recognition: Our cameras identified known offenders and alerted security personnel.

    Live Monitoring: Security staff monitored the coffee shops remotely, responding promptly to any suspicious activity.

  4. Break-In Detection

Our identification-capable cameras captured high-resolution images of intruders during break-ins. This evidence was crucial for law enforcement investigations and insurance claims.

  5. Workers’ Compensation Claims

The surveillance system helped validate workers’ compensation claims by providing accurate incident footage. This streamlined the claims process and reduced administrative overhead.

  6. Inventory Control

Cameras monitored inventory areas, ensuring stock levels were accurate. Alerts were generated for low stock or unusual inventory movements.

  7. Custom Heat Maps

We analyzed customer flow patterns using heat maps generated from camera data. This information guided store layout adjustments and optimized staff allocation during peak hours.


  • Theft Reduction: Incidents of theft decreased significantly after implementing the surveillance system.

  • Improved Employee Management: Managers had real-time visibility into employee performance and behavior.

  • Break-In Evidence: High-quality images helped solve break-in cases.

  • Streamlined Operations: Workers’ compensation claims processing became more efficient.

  • Enhanced Inventory Management: Accurate stock tracking minimized losses.

  • Optimized In-Store Flow: Customer experience improved due to better store layout and staff allocation.Client Name: Philz Coffee

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