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CAL FIRE (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection)

“Sherlock Surveillance have provided a best-in-class surveillance system for our fire fighting facilities, and continue to quickly and efficiently accommodate our changing needs. Their team go the extra-mile to make sure that we’re secure and have 100% access control coverage.”

Donald General - Chief of Operations - CAL FIRE

  • Frequent Remote Fire Station break-ins

  • Equipment Theft

  • Personnel Rotation and Shift Access Management

  • Roles Based Access by Area, Equipment, and Time

  • ECC (Emergency Central Control) Video Wall

  • Scaleable

  • Integration with Law Enforcement and other First Responders

  • TSA & NDAA Compliance


  • Create a secure TSA & NDAA compliant wireless network

  • Develop intricate facilities coverage plans

  • Integrate best-in-class access management system

  • Bring together multiple Managed Solutions to the one Emergency Control Center location

  • Design off-grid scaleable camera packages

  • Integrate RFID access fob management platform


CAL FIRE (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection)The Challenge

CAL FIRE faced several critical challenges in their mission to protect California’s forests and communities. These challenges included:

  1. Theft in Remote Locations: Equipment theft in remote areas posed a significant threat to firefighting operations. Stolen equipment could hinder response times and endanger lives.

  2. Diverse Personnel and Quick Access Needs: CAL FIRE employs a wide range of personnel, including firefighters, watch-standers, and emergency responders. Each group required swift access to different locations and equipment.

  3. Access Control Management: Managing access to various sites, especially in remote areas, was complex. Ensuring authorized personnel could enter while preventing unauthorized access was crucial.

  4. ECC Emergency Control Center Monitoring: CAL FIRE needed a centralized system to monitor incidents, coordinate responses, and provide real-time data to emergency centers.

  5. Scalability: The solution had to accommodate California’s vast landscape and growing needs.

  6. ntegration with Law Enforcement: Seamless collaboration with law enforcement agencies and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was essential.

  7. TSA & NDAA Compliance: Compliance with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and TSA regulations was mandatory.

    The Solution

    Sherlock Surveillance partnered with CAL FIRE to develop an innovative solution: the California Fire Detection AI Program. This program leveraged cutting-edge technology to address CAL FIRE’s challenges:

  1. AI-Powered Detection Cameras:

  • Sherlock Surveillance deployed a network of high-resolution cameras across CAL Fire’s many locations.

  • These cameras used artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to detect authorized and unauthorized personnel in real time.

  • When an unauthorized access attempt is detected, the system alerts the ECC and provides alerts, location and a percentage of certainty.

  1. Early Detection and Rapid Response:

  • The system allows CAL Fire to respond swiftly and capture the data required to identify unauthorized access attempts.

  1. Scalability and Real-Time Data:

  • The camera network provided actionable real-time data.

  • CAL FIRE could quickly notify law enforcement, enhance situational awareness, and monitor behavior.

  1. Integration with Emergency Services:

  • The AI tool became available to all 21 CAL FIRE 911 Dispatch Centers.

  • It effectively spots and reports anomalies in remote locations.

  1. NDAA and TSA Compliance:

  • The program adheres to TSA and NDAA regulations.